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Dear developer, i can not set graphic quality. Game run at 35 fps. My device is asus g750jh with windows 10 insider preview.

Dear Puppygamer, this is a study project, done "a long time ago" (summer 2016 to summer 2017).  I always planned to integrate stuff like graphics settings and some more options... I'll see what I can manage in my free time, but no promises.

Dear developer, i can not crouch with ctrl button and i can not switch off motion blur.

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Dear developer, esc button does not pause game sometimes and i can not turn off subtitles. Please update game to directx12 with raytracing support. Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested.

Dear developer, game can not be minimized with windows start button on keyboard. I can not set antialiasing or fullscreen or volume or vsync.

Dear developer, please add option to download zip archive.

This was cool. Voices were fantastic and sarcastic which added so much more to the game. Looked really good and played very smoothly. Really great game. Well done to all involved. Superb... :)

Thanks in the name of the team ;)


Really enjoyed the game! Its beautiful and pretty damn funny, well done!

Glad you enjoyed it!

oh btw: there is an end ;) That's the "puzzle of the machines" the description mentions.