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“Djona, can you fix this please?”, the AI’s voice sounds through the speakers, echoing through the hallways of the ship. As engineer Djona, you have to keep the machines of the spaceship Valain running. In this first-person 3D puzzle adventure, it takes skill and a clear head to solve the puzzles of the machines. Or else, you will be lost in deep space forever. Go the hard way or take the easy route. It’s your choice!

A game by Team Whisky Way, a student group from Hamburg, Germany.


Fix This Please v1.0.0 289 MB


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This was cool. Voices were fantastic and sarcastic which added so much more to the game. Looked really good and played very smoothly. Really great game. Well done to all involved. Superb... :)

Thanks in the name of the team ;)


Really enjoyed the game! Its beautiful and pretty damn funny, well done!

Glad you enjoyed it!

oh btw: there is an end ;) That's the "puzzle of the machines" the description mentions.